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Tata Steel 12th Corporate Sustainability Report 2011-12 - Excellence for Common Good

Training needs to ensure the successful commissioning, faster ramp up and subsequent operation of new units under the 2.9 MTPA expansion project led to a spurt in the training hours per year per employee.

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Capacity and Capability Building

  2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
Total number of employees 34440 34912 35078
Total number of Officers trained 3038 3992 4129
Total number of Non Officers trained 5975 8345 10249
Percentage of employees trained 26% 35% 41%
Training (hours per employee per year) 22 25 35

Capability Building:

The process of training unskilled employees and redeploying them in newer facilities after familiarising them with the equipment, processes and technology allowed them to adapt to a new work environment.

To culturally integrate new employees, initiatives such as a formal induction programme, interaction with the senior management, on-the-job training to familiarise them with processes, TQM training and safety training were completed prior to their placement in the new units. Special emphasis was placed on orienting employees towards the Tata values and Tata Code of Conduct.

Improvement in Skill Mix:


The significant upward trend in the number of programmes led to a perceptible rise in officers and non-officers trained. Capability and Capacity building were given priority across all functions, thereby building expertise in functional and managerial areas. As a result, the skill mix of Tata Steel’s employees has improved company wide, particularly at the Steel Works. Employee productivity has seen a spurt with a rise in the number of officers and non-officers trained.

The Company intends to horizontally deploy and continually improve its recruitment processes for future projects given the challenges it faces.

Tata Steel’s special focus on women through developmental programmes continued with ‘Pehchan’ - an introductory programme for new women employees in the Non Officer category - being introduced in 2011-12. A Computer Literacy programme for all women non-officers is also being designed, while programmes for women executives such as ‘Empowering Women Managers to Succeed’ and ‘Counselling’ are planned.