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» Social Performance

Management Approach

Tata Steel has for over a century followed sound and ethical business practices, inspired by a commitment to return to society a fair share of the benefits created. The Company continues to retain this philosophy by making its communities beneficiaries of the economic activity generated by it through both direct and indirect opportunities for distribution of economic value. Tata Steel believes that striving for leadership and business competitiveness enhances its capability to improve the quality of life of its communities.

In the initial years, Tata Steel's CSR interventions were more as a 'provider' to society where the community was given support for its overall needs, both for sustenance and development e.g. distribution of medicines, assistance to youth for education and sports; free distribution of seeds/fertilizers, farm equipments, to name a few.

Gradually, the shift in approach has been towards playing the role of an 'enabler' where the focus is on building community capacity through training programmes; engaging them as partners in project implementation; helping them link with different agencies for implementation at the village level; focusing on providing technical support rather than giving aid, etc.

Tata Steel's principle thrust areas for social change are Sustainable Livelihood, Health, Education and Infrastructure, Ethnicity, Youth and Women Empowerment. The Company also engages in a wide range of initiatives to aid and assist local communities and governments in key areas of impact such as the prevention and mitigation of HIV/AIDS, and relief and rehabilitation in the event of natural calamities.

Tata Steel’s expenditure on social activities is a pre budget exercise. The Company's objective is to impact a million lives by improving the socio-economic status of the community.