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» Human Rights

Management Approach

Upholding human dignity is a fundamental value enshrined in Tata Steel’s CSR & Accountability policy. The Company abides by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; The United Nations Global Compact principles and the ILO conventions, and is certified to SA8000. The metaphor for SA8000 management system implementation in Tata Steel Works is similar to creating a ripple with enlightened partners, employees, vendors, suppliers, and non-governmental organizations to generate a wider social impact through stewardship. Progress on this cross-functional initiative involving key roles from the industrial relations, procurement, safety, and occupational health departments, among others, is tracked through various indices such as external audits of suppliers and medical check-ups of employees, and supply-chain workforce to cite just a few examples.

Tata Steel also supports the rights of all people to the basic amenities of life including safe water, health care, a healthy environment, education and collective bargaining.