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Tiscon ReadyBuild

Tiscon ReadyBuild is an endeavour to come closer to the infrastructure industry and bring hassle-free construction when it comes to rebar usage.

Tiscon ReadyBuild is a downstream service brand which gives customised solutions for all construction needs related to rebar. In line with Tiscon’s endeavour to come closer to the infrastructure industry, Readybuild stands as an effort to ensure hassle-free construction when it comes to rebar usage. The significant pain points in project construction sites are lack of skilled labour, wastage of steel and lack of space at site for working with construction materials. This prompted Tata Steel to develop a model of ready-to-use steel solution for construction sites, which is already established in the construction industry in many developed economies.


The service presently offers Cut & Bend solutions that aim at providing customised shapes of rebar needed at the construction sites. As part of this business model, 10 operating production facilities have been set up pan-India to provide “Tiscon ReadyBuild” to project sites. A Quality Manual and certification process to ensure uniformity of product and service across these centres has been established. This is supported by initiatives to explain to customers the benefits of using ready-to-use steel and capability building of the channel.


In the future, Tata Steel plans to add more downstream products & services like Couplers, Pilecages and meshes under Tiscon ReadyBuild brand.


Brand Benefits


  • Faster completion of job with receipt of material in "sets"
  • On-time delivery
  • Minimal wastage
  • Superior Quality in all terms (steel, angles, bends)
  • Lower inventory
  • Easier procurement process for customers
  • Savings on labour cost
  • No need for wastage disposal


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