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In keeping with the spirit of innovation, Tata Steel has introduced a complete construction solution, Nest-In. This is aimed at both individuals and institutions that require a quick, cost effective and good quality housing solution.

Tata Shaktee’s Nest-In is a construction solution initiative wherein the Brand has developed a design for an attractive and good quality house which can be built in just a few days. Typically, a 350 sq.ft. Nest-In house can be built in 9 days and is comfortable, durable and aesthetically very attractive. The construction process is almost dry and hassle-free. The process does not waste resources or pollute the environment compared to conventional building methods.


Nest-In is ideal for building houses, shops, medical clinics, community centres, site offices, guard huts, Anganwadi setups, etc. It is a light gauge steel frame construction solution offering high seismic resistance. The solution is made of cold rolled high strength galvanised steel and the sections are joined using patented Dipple Klick technology, to minimise the use of fasteners and improve efficiency.


The construction is thermally insulated and comes with standard doors, windows, foundation and installation service. Currently, Nest-In is available in 12 different layouts in the range of 200 to 600 sq. ft., with various configurations of rooms, toilet, kitchen, hall and veranda. Nest-In has constructed total 80,000 sq.ft. across India, through 177 unit installations. It can be installed by local semi-skilled fabricators and is eco-friendly (dry wall construction).


Benefits of Nest-In:


  • TATA Brand: A symbol of trust
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Earthquake and fire resistant
  • Thermally insulated
  • Single Point Sourcing
  • Environment friendly and easy to build

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