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BuildWISE© empowers you with architectural, structural, plumbing and electrical designs and bills on material quantity.

In order to make the process of home building easier and joyful, Tata Tiscon has introduced a design support solution under the brand name BuildWISE©. This solution mainly caters to the Individual House Builders (IHB) segment to provide the crucial help of planning a dream home, even before construction starts.


In India, more than 85 percent of small residential buildings are non-engineered, posing a significant bearing on the safety and soundness of the construction. The BuildWISE© team helps customers plan the construction by preparing architectural, electrical and plumbing designs, bills of material quantity and a timeline to plan the expenses. BuildWISE© ensures that the customer is in total control before the construction begins.


Benefits of BuildWISE©


  • Estimation of cost
  • Estimation of quantity of construction materials required
  • A safe and durable house, in compliance with local building regulations
  • Timeline for building in stages along with instructions for best practices