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Pipes manufactured by the Company’s strategic business unit Tata Tubes, is the most prominent brand in the industry today which is retailed through a wide distribution network. A deeply thought out branding exercise was undertaken in order to unleash the power of the ‘Tata Pipes' brand in the welded steel category.

The Standard Tubes Business under the Tata Pipes brandIn 1985, the Indian Tube Company (a joint venture between Tata Steel and Stewarts & Lloyds of UK) merged with Tata Steel to form the Tata Steel-Tubes Division. The Tubes Strategic Business Unit (SBU) today is a leading manufacturer of welded pipes and tubes in the Country with an annual production capacity of around 4,00,000 tonnes, with expansion plans for the future. Its market share at present is 16%. The tubes Division’s main works is situated at Jamshedpur and the marketing Head Office is in Kolkata.


Its three main lines of business are –


  • Commercial Tubes – for the conveyance segments, sold under the brand name of "Tata Pipes"
  • Structural Tubes – for the construction segment, sold under the brand name of "Tata Structura"
  • Precision Tubes – for the Auto, Boiler and Engineering segments


Product Range and Application

The Steel Hollow Sections Business under the Tata Structura brand

The Commercial Tubes (Tata Pipes) cater to the plumbing, irrigation, cold storage, HVAC applications and other Industrial end usage. The structural tubes (Tata Structura) are used for a variety of architectural, industrial, scaffolding, infrastructural and general engineering applications. Landmark airport structures in India have been built using Tata Structura. The Precision Tubes cater to the auto, boiler and general engineering segments.


The Tubes Division entered the high-tech segment with the successful commissioning of its hydroforming line and commencement of supply of tubular hydroformed engine cradle for the Tata Nano cars. It has also developed telescopic front fork for motorcycles. The Division has substantially increased its share (40% YoY) of High Precision Cold Drawn tubes for Propellor Shaft, Drive Shaft and Front Fork tubes. It continues to hold a leading position in the Boiler Segment in spite of intensifying competition.


As the tubes are manufactured from high quality hot rolled coils from the advanced hot strip mill of Tata Steel, they come with a number of sure advantages. These steel tubes are manufactured in ISO certified manufacturing facilities, under strict quality control norms, and have high strength and durability.


Financial Year 2011-12 marked the unveiling of the 'CHARKHA' at Oval Maidan, Mumbai – a symbol of the innovative and futuristic applications of the Tata Structura hollow section.


Manufacturing Technology

The Tata Group has been a pioneer in adopting the most modern, state-of-the-art technologies for its businesses. The Standard Tubes Plant for Tata Pipes and Tata Structura boasts of high-class facilities in tube making, with technology from OTO Mills (Italy), Kusakabe (Japan) and MAIR Research (Italy). The Tubes Division has six in-house mills and select external processing agents across India. Key facilities include pickling, tube making mills, galvanizing, heat treatment furnaces, cold draw facility and state-of-the art hydroforming facility.


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