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Maintains Quality       CUTS COSTS

Tiscon 500, the high strength ribbed reinforcement bar from Tata Steel has been specially created for high strength applications. It is ideal for applications like dams, bridges, highrises or any other critical structure where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.

Distinctly superior to standard Fe 415 bars, TISCON 500, which corresponds to BIS Fe 500, also ensures a reduction of upto 17% in steel usage, while delivering the same strength.


The rib pattern of TISCON 500 has been specially designed to ensure that excellent bond strength is developed between the bar and the surrounding concrete. The design and profile of the rib and its replication throughout the length of the bar by using automated milling machines results in uniform and precise ribs leading to uniform strength.

While the specification stipulates that bond strength should be 40% higher than that of Mild Steel plain bars, TISCON 500 has typical values, which are higher by as much as 100%. This leads to increased safety and durability of the structure even in the most hazardous environments.

More      ECONOMY

Normal Fe 500 grade as specified by BIS 1786 standards are associated with lower ductility. But TISCON 500 are higher strength rebars with elongation implying that you can economize on steel consumption without sacrificing safety.

No wonder, use of TISCON 500 leads to savings of upto 17% in cost over Fe 415 grade rebars.

Excellent        BENDABILITY

Due to the controlled process of manufacturing rebars under theTempcore Process the tough outer surface and soft core of TISCON 500 results in a rebar with excellent values of bendability. The bar can be bent around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS 1786. This has obvious advantages at construction sites.

Superior      WELDABILITY

Contrary to the normal practice of increasing strength by increasing the carbon content of the bar, TISCON 500 is produced with low carbon and carbon equivalent. The higher strength property is imparted through precisely controlling the parameters of ‘thermo mechanical treatment’ to ensure superior weldability, when compared to conventional cold twisted bars. It can be butt-welded or lap-welded using simple welding practices using ordinary rutile coated electrodes of matching strength. Generally, no pre and post welding treatment is required.


The precise control of the thermo mechanical treatment process, results in a uniform and thick tempered martensitic rim, completely free from internal stresses. This martensitic rim improves the corrosion resistance of TISCON 500 as well as the fatigue strength, when compared to traditional cold twisted bars.


TISCON 500 is supplied with mass/metre on the negative side of the specified tolerance on a weighted average basis. This further reduces consumption because of extra length per unit mass.


Due to its unique combination of strength and ductility, TISCON 500 can adequately support a seismic design. When evaluated for resistance to seismic loads on column joints in a RCC structure, the energy dissipation was found to be almost same for each cycle indicating very high and uniform ductility maintained under such loads.

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