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Flat Products complex at Tata Steel constitutes of the state-of the art facilities  comprising of:

  1. LD2 & Slab Caster
  2. Hot Stip Mill
  3. Cold Rolling Mill with 2 Galvanising Lines

Supplied by S.N. Portugal of Portugal. LD 2 was commissioned in 1993. With two BOF vessels from VAI, the plant has a rated capacity of 1.10 million tonnes. Hot metal is supplied in 200 t nominal capacity torpedo ladles from the blast furnaces. The metal is poured into 150 t transfer ladles at the hot metal pouring pit .The hot metal in the transfer ladle is desulphurised at the desulphurisation unit and thereafter, taken to the converters. The details of hot metal handling system are:

  • Hot Metal Desulphurisation
    The inherent inability of the LD process to reduce sulphur makes hot metal desulphurisation imperative.
  • Converter
    The 3 BOF vessels (two operating at a time) have been supplied by VAI.
  • Ladle Furnace
    Liquid steel from the converter is tapped into preheated ladles and then treated at the ladle furnace for homogenisation, increase of temperature and for trimming additions are done.
  • RH Degasser
    In order to produce steel for high-end applications, liquid steel is routed through. This degassing unit in which treatment takes place under vacuum.
Slab Caster

There are three single strand continuous casting machine which have been specifically designed to cast high quality slabs suitable for hot charging to the Hot Strip.

Hot Strip Mill

The Hot Strip Mill was commissioned under Modernisation Phase III in 1993. With this, the Company entered into the area of flat rolled strips to meet the country's requirement of superior grades of flat products. This Mill, replete with many sophisticated and state-of-the-art features is a step in the path of Tata Steel into higher technology areas of steel production.


Cold Rolling Mills

Cold Rolled and Coated Products at Tata Steel is an emerging business area. With 1.3 MTPA installed capacity it is about to unleash International quality products and services in domestic and international market to suit end-user applications

  • Pickling
  • Shallow bath pickling using Hydrochloric Acid is carried out in a continuous pickling line coupled to the Tandem Cold Mill. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Japan, has supplied the pickling line.




  • Cold Rolling
  • After pickling, the coils are cold rolled in the 5-Stand 6-High Universal Crown Mill supplied by Hitachi, Japan. This mill is coupled to the pickling line for continuous operation.



  • Annealing
  • The cold-rolled coils for CRCA applications are annealed in specifically designed high convection hydrogen annealing furnaces supplied by LOI Thermprocess. The furnaces will have 100% Hydrogen atmosphere for fast and uniform heating of coils within the furnace. The coils will be cooled and stored in specially designed Coil Cooling Units to prevent rust after annealing.



  • Galvanising/Galvannealing
  • To cater to a wide spectrum of galvanised sheet / coil users, two galvanising lines are there. One of the line (of 0.3 mtpa capacity) is to produce premium quality product for the automobile and appliances sectors and has galvannealing facility. The other, a smaller line (of 0.1 mtpa) is to cater primarily to the construction sector.



  • Galvanising Line
    A sophisticated line featuring a vertical radiant tube furnace and a galvannealing section to produce 300,000 tonnes of both spangled and non-spangled zinc coatings, catering to the requirements of white goods, automobiles and construction products.




  • Packaging
  • Automatic Coil Packaging line with Coil Master supplied by ITW Signode ensures Rust free surface by packaging Stretch film(VCI) & metal packaging.



  • CRC West

    The Complex Comprises of:



Exclusive Product benefits

1. HR Slitter

Hollow block Mfg. Co. (P) Ltd.


2. Pickling

Keramchemie, Germany (Nirwan)


3. Z-Hi Mill

Sendzimi Inc, USA & Flat Products Equipment India

Hydraulic Automatic Gauge Coltrol through on-line Mass Flow Measurement & Correction.

4. Cleaning-cum-Rewinding

Hollow Block Mfg. Co. (P) Ltd

Soot free strip surface

5. 100% Hydrogen Annealing Furnace

LOI Essen, Germany

Uniformity in physical properties and clean strip surface.

6. 4 High Skin Pass Mill

Flat Products Equipment India

Greater uniformity of properties and Extra Flatness.

7. CR Slitting

Hollow Block Mfg (P) Ltd.

Closer width tolerances

8. Blanking Lines

Blue Star

Better flatness and closer length tolerances.