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Tata Steelium

The primary value proposition of Tata Steelium is the concept of providing a small customer total peace in purchase and consumption of Cold Rolled Steel.

Tata Steelium was launched by Tata Steel in 2003 as the world’s first branded cold rolled steel (CRS). Since then, the brand has gone a long way in meeting the challenge of gaining a sustainable competitive edge in the marketplace. It has acquired new customers in retail untapped areas and made an aggressive entry into the retail segment through exclusive retail stores of Tata Steelium CR coils and sheets called 'Steelium Zone'.


The Tata Steelium coils are wrapped in VCI paper with HDPE laminate, metal packed with galvanised steel to ensure proper protection at the time of transportation & storage. There are distinct identifiable Tata Steel tags & unique blue seals on the packaging which help identify the source of the material. Steelium coils are available in thickness of 0.4 mm to 3 mm and in width of 1,000 mm to 1,540 mm. Coil weights vary as per the coil width. Customised Steelium grades are available for varying applications.


Brand Benefits


The name 'Steelium' represents both strength and a feeling of being a world class brand. Over the years the Company has invested in a number of branding activities to build the brand equity of Steelium in the retail segment of cold rolled steel.


  • Authenticity and genuineness of the product
  • Superior product quality
  • Savings through better yield
  • Better value for your products
  • Wide range of grades, thickness and widths
  • Well organised distribution network throughout the country
  • Quick response & prompt redressal of problems
  • Deliver superior value to your customers on a consistent basis and by design
  • Opportunity to differentiate your product on the basis of raw material source


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