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Tata Astrum

With its wide range of products, Tata Astrum serves customers from different segments like Automotive, Railways, Yellow Goods, Agriculture and Fabrication.

Tata AstrumTata Astrum, the HR Sheets & Coils brand from Tata Steel, has the stamp of impeccable quality and first-class service offerings. From steelmaking to final finishing, the entire production line incorporates advanced technologies and processes that make Tata Astrum a best-in-class product. Robust quality control mechanisms are in place to eliminate any abnormality in the process and both Online Surface Inspection System (SIS) and manual inspection are conducted to ensure that products meet customer needs. Specifications are made on the basis of consultations with customers to ensure that the delivered product is exactly what they need.


With Tata Astrum, Tata Steel has made a foray into branding of HR products in the SME segment. The product range includes:


  • Hot Rolled Coils (HRC)
  • Cut to length (CTL) Sheets
  • Slit Coils
  • SPO (Skin Pass Pickled &Oiled)
  • Pickled & Oiled (PO)


Brand Benefits


  • Wide range of grades for a host of applications
  • Pan-India network of distributors to serve you at your convenience
  • Steady availability in various thickness & width combinations
  • Cut to length sheets/slit coils from certified service centers
  • Product marking to ensure source authenticity
  • Product Application Engineer Support to recommend the correct grade and usage
  • Test certificates with mechanical properties
  • Customer Engagement and Knowledge Sharing Programs


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