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Retail Brands

Tata Steel’s retail presence in the steel industry is further strengthened with its innovative and robust product and service solutions that serve the steel giant’s valued customers efficiently.


Tata Steel decided to foray into organised steel retailing with Steeljunction - the first of its kind in India. To catalyse steel consumption in emerging mass markets of India and to build downstream retailing excitement for steel as a category, Tata Steel spearheaded the Company’s entry into pure play retailing for steel products.


The pilot store was launched in Kolkata with the objective of providing a platform that would bring together vendors and manufacturers to understand consumer buying behaviour for steel and develop new products. This would ensure an exemplary change in steel buying experience making it more pleasurable for the end user. The Steeljunction store showcases both leading Indian and international brands, catering to every steel need that may be conceived of. Services offered include home and office interior designing, civil and plumbing solutions and renovation.


The Knowledge Centre at ‘Steeljunction’ is a forum that provides a world of information on the usage of steel and its various applications from decorating homes to setting up a futuristic office. It offers practical solutions as well as insights on renovations, decorations, furnishings, accessories and industrial products.


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Steel n Style

Steel n Style is a furniture initiative from Tata Steelium, a premium range of CRCA sheets used by customers in various end applications including furniture. Steel n Style stores were conceived in order to broaden the scope of the brand and provide more value to the customer, offering trendy and affordable furniture products. The store also guarantees the thickness of Tata Steelium CRCA sheets used in manufacturing the products and minimum weight of all the products sold.


The collection has a comprehensive range of household wardrobes and office cupboards in varied colours and styles, designed with the customer’s day-to-day needs in mind.