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Automotive Steel

Tata Steel continues on the path of product innovation with the launch of its high-strength, high-yield Automotive Steel grade DP1000HY-GI.

The automotive steel grade DP1000HY-GI is the latest addition to Tata Steel’s range of Dual Phase (DP) steels. This innovative product has been developed to meet the rising market requirement for stronger and lighter steel grade. The Company has worked closely with automotive manufacturers to develop this high-strength steel, which can be processed by manufacturers’ existing machinery - a critical consideration in its development.


DP1000HY steel is ideal for making components for the global automobile industry in addition to crash-resistant A and B pillar reinforcements, sills, door beams and cross members. The product is available in three strength levels – 600, 800 and 1,000 megapascals and a range of dimensions - thickness up to 2mm and width up to 1,400mm. Tata Steel is among the few steelmakers to offer this high-strength, high-yield steel grade.


Brand Benefits:


  • Meets stringent safety requirements demanded by vehicle manufacturers globally, including Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) - the German Association of the Automobile Industry.
  • High stress-resistance. Ensures crash-protected vehicle structure.
  • Strength of this new steel allows manufactures to reduce material consumption without altering their production facilities. This consequently reduces component weight by eight to 15%.
  • Hot-dipped galvanised coating offers excellent corrosion protection, making it a cost-effective body structure solution.
  • Suitable for creating relatively complex shapes and designs.
  • DP1000HY steel incorporates high quality carbon and manganese to increase strength and hardenability.
  • Reduces carbon footprints of the end products since these are comparatively lighter in weight and more durable.