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Aimed at achieving a virtually seamless integration of automation solutions, the Automation Division of Tata Steel offers facilities for design, development, integration and implementation of process automation for the steel industry at home and abroad.

Process Automation SystemsThe Automation Division of Tata Steel was created in 1990 in order to bring a structured approach to the on-going process. In an age of strictly knowledge-based economy, automation was realised as a strategic choice in gearing for the future in the fastest possible way, to counter the inertia of size and diversity that is intrinsic to a large steel plant. Though Information Technology and Automation were integrated in the initial stages, a bifurcation subsequently happened in January 1992. This enabled the Automation Division with its competencies to devote itself solely to the solution of real plant problems in real time.


Automation Division of Tata Steel is the central agency for design, development, integration and implementation of Process Automation for the Steel Company and is also an international supplier of high level automation for the metal industry. It is situated in the premises of the steel plant at Jamshedpur in its highly advanced Automation Development Centre and also in various plant sites developing and implementing process automation systems.


Expertise and Infrastructure

The Automation Division has a dedicated team of professionals and experts in various disciplines from laser, robotics and instrumentation to mathematical modelling and simulation. The division works in close association with premier Research and Academic Institutions like the IITs, ERDC, MIT USA etc. for knowledge sharing in various fields.


Automation Division, Tata Steel is structured around various expertise groups:


  • Process Optimisation
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Communication & Networking
  • CAD / CAM and Mathematical Modelling
  • Operation Research
  • System Integration
  • Product Development
  • Software Development
  • Robotics & Mechanical Engineering


Quality Certification

Automation Division, Tata Steel Limited is certified under the ISO 9001:2008 system. As per the Quality System, it performs Quality checks to ensure quality in the final output.


Products and Services

Over a period of time Automation has evolved from ‘modifications, enhancements and upgradation’ to focusing on providing ‘Solution Design, Product Development and Product Life Cycle management’. Various production units in Tata Steel Jamshedpur Works, like Steel Making and Casting, Rolling Mills and Coke and Iron Making, have latest automation systems and process optimisation solutions.


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