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Automotive applications is one of the focus areas of Tata Steel’s Research & Development, aimed at giving the Group a competitive edge in the automotive market.

Committed to progress of the automotive industry, Tata Steel offers multiple automotive steel products ranging from strip to bar, tube, and welded blanks to advanced automotive steels. The Group's global reach ensures that it can supply and support customers wherever they are.


Steel makes up more than half the weight of a car and is used not only for the body and chassis but also the powertrain, gear box, wheels and tyres. Automotive high strength steel grades maintain the safety standards of vehicles whilst improving fuel efficiency. The Company has continuously initiated new product development processes for securing customer approvals in the automotive segment. Tata Steel’s Customer Value Management initiative is aimed at its B2B customers, mainly the automotive sector.


Tata Steel provides numerous steel products to all the major vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers. The strength of these automotive steels is tested well beyond the norm prescribed for their usage. For instance ‘Impact Testing’ of steel used in the under carriage of a car is conducted at sub-zero temperatures though this it is not required for India. These steels offer significant weight loss – and thus greater fuel economy and lower emissions - without compromising structural strength.


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