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Industrial By-Product Management Division

In addition to the primary steel products, Tata Steel’s offerings include a range of Industrial By-Products of the key raw materials for both domestic and international markets.

Tata Steel’s Industrial By-Product Management Division Profit Centre, launched in the year 2009, offers a range of Industrial By-Products that cater to the domestic market as well as industries in neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan.  These Industrial By-Products are sold through Direct selling with spot price, Tender auctions and Online auctions. For online auctions, the Centre is supported by its service counterparts M/s Metal Junction Ltd. and M/s A. H. Billimoria.


Some of the Industrial By-Products offered by Tata Steel’s Industrial By-Product Management Division Profit Centre are -


Pool Iron: Excess or off-chemistry hot metal from the blast furnace is collected and allowed to cool and solidify in pre-formed pits. This is known as Pool Iron. This Industrial By-Products has no regular shape. It is subsequently broken into smaller pieces and sold in the market.


Tata Steel offers Pool Iron that has high Fe content. It is available in three categories - Pool Iron Prime, Pool Iron Chunks and Mixed Pool Iron. Typical applications of Pool Iron include Ingot industry, Mild steel castings and hot metal industry, Medium and light house hold steel goods industry.


Melting Scrap: Melting Scrap comprises the following -


  • Torpedo Iron Jam
  • Tundish Jam
  • High Sulphur Iron (HSI) Balled
  • BF Grade 6-80 LD
  • BF Grade 6-80 HIS
  • HSI Processed (+300)
  • HSI Unprocessed (+300)
  • HSI -300 mm
  • LD Steel - 300 mm
  • BF Grade 20-80 mm LD
  • BF Grade 20-80 mm HI Sulphur
  • Sinter Fines


Zinc Dust: Tata Steel offers Zinc Dust in lot size of 15 tonne through E-Auctions.


Iron Oxide: Iron Oxide is available in bags of approximately 800 Kg. It is used in manufacturing of pigments for the paint industry and automotive magnet manufacturing.


Granulated Blast Furnace Slag: Granulated Blast Furnace Slag is available in two forms - Dry Slag and Wet Slag. This Industrial By-Products finds application primarily in the cement industry as an important raw material.


Obsolete & Miscellaneous Items: Used or Rejected items such as - Motors, Transformers, Conveyor Belts, Rolls, Obsolete Vehicles, Utility Items, IT Assets, Building & Structural and other miscellaneous items (Tyres, Waste oil, Refractory, etc.) are sold through E-Auctions or online auctions


Tubular Scraps, HR/CR Scraps and Coal by-products are also offered.