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Industrial By-products Management Division (IBMD)

Industrial By-Product Management Division

In addition to the primary steel products, Tata Steel offers a wide range of Industrial By-Products which serve as key raw materials to various industries in both domestic and international markets.

IBMD is a Profit Centre and deals in a variety of by-products and scrap in the entire value chain of the Steel Company starting from Raw Materials right up to Finished Products. It handles more than 13 MnT p.a. with more than 25 products &150+SKUs in its portfolio.

It operates on the 3-R principle - Recover, Re-use and Re-cycle,thus contributing towards the Green journey of Tata Steel along with revenue generation.

These Industrial By-Products are sold through Direct Selling with spot price& Online Auctions. Online auctions are supported by its service counterparts, M/s Metal Junction Ltd. and M/s A. H. Billimoria.

With the objective of harnessing 'Value from Waste & By-Products', IBMD is committed to becoming a Knowledge driven Business Unit leveraging Digital and innovation as the key pillars. IBMD has also ventured into downstream value enhancement of it’s by-products which serve as quality benchmarks in the industry. It offers immense opportunities to the customers and prospective entrepreneurs for business and collaboration.

Some of the Industrial By-products offered include:

Aluminum and Copper

Product : Aluminium and Copper are available in the form of Cables, Electrical Panels and Bus bars and are sold through E-Auctions.

Applications : These products are primarily used in the electrical industry for their chemical properties, utensil making and across a plethora of other industries.

Coal Tar

Product : Coal Tar is a By-Product generated mainly from the coke ovens of Jamshedpur and Kalinganagar steel plants. IBMD handles more than 30,000 MT of Coal Tar p.a. at Jamshedpur and 40,000 MT p.a. at Kalinganagar.

Applications : Coal Tar Pitch which is used in Aluminum industry and other applications in a plethora of industries.

Coal Washery Products

Tata Ferroshots

Galvanized Scrap

Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS)

HR/CR Scrap

Iron Oxide

Lazy Goods & Miscellaneous Items

LD Slag

MRP Scrap

Pooled Iron


Zinc By-Products

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