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Mr Anand Sen, President, TQM and Steel Business, Tata Steel, felicitated by Indian Institute of Metals, Jamshedpur Chapter
Jamshedpur, 8/31/2015

Mr. Anand Sen, President, TQM and Steel Business, Tata Steel Limited and Advisory Committee Member of IIM Jamshedpur Chapter was facilitated today at Centre for Excellence, Jamshedpur. Mr Sen has been elected as the Vice President and Chairman of Ferrous Division of the Indian Institute of Metals, National Council.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Sen said "I feel very privileged to have been given this role. I would look for ideas and thoughts to enrich the role of Vice President at Indian Institute of Metals. It is time now that IIM must come up with different ideas to make a difference in the world of Metals and Metallurgy". He added that 'Steel industry is going through a difficult phase and there is lot of work to be done. IIM should be conducting more seminars and conferences, so that collectively we can create a difference’

About Indian Institute of Metals

The idea of formation of an Indian Institute for metallurgists was conceived as early as in 1945. During that time many of the technical information were not easily available in India. The ordnance factories and many other industries involved in manufacture of various products for the war efforts were greatly handicapped because of the non-availability of technical information on metallurgy. The Inspectorate of Metals in the ordnance factory was the only reliable organisation who could undertake investigations on metal products. Then it was unanimously agreed that an institute of metallurgists in India should be formed. Later on, various metallurgists holding senior positions in Government and Industries in India were approached for their support. Since then the growth of the Institute has been phenomenal. Starting with a modest membership of 42, the IIM Membership now stands more than 10,000 drawn from various fields of metallurgical activity. Membership requirements are rigid to maintain the highest professional standards. The Institute has grown into a reputed Institution devoted to promotion and advancement in the study, practice and research of Metallurgical Science and Technology. The Indian Institute of Metals is now recognised throughout the world as one of the premier metallurgical organisations.

The scope of the Institute activities includes mineral beneficiation, extraction, fabrication, heat treatment, finishing as well as practical and theoretical aspects of metallurgy of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Ceramics and other disciplines and technologies allied to metallurgical problems also come under the scope of the Institute. The activities of the Institute include organising national and international technical conferences and programmes, research activities, publications, conducting qualifying examinations etc.


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