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Kids of Steel: Arts Special
Art expressions of children from varied backgrounds across geographies reiterate tata Steels Vision of Corporatge Citizenship. This calendar is celebration of diversity and inclusion. through a child's prism.

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Kids of Steel:  Art Special

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Here's to the Kids of Steel.

Their minds capable of unbridled imagination. Imagining a world that's vibrant and just. Their hearts brimming with unconditional love. Nurturing a diverse world with inclusion and compassion. Their abilities not deterred by any discrimination or handicap. Because they, the Kids of Steel, know no other way to be.


Tata Steel believes in inclusive engagements and sustainable development across geographies.


We present before you a thoughtfully curated set of art masterpieces by children around the globe associated with the Tata Steel family. From India we have shortlisted the artwork of budding young artists, including those from two establishments very close to our hearts– The School of Hope (Jharkhand) and Tata Medical Centre (West Bengal). We have received some remarkable images from Tata Steel Minerals Canada and Tata Steel Thailand as well. The art motifs, spanning everything from people, nature, childhood, history and more, reflect a delightfully strong individual and geographic tonality.


This compilation is organic to a mission and not a contest. We shall continue to encourage Kids of Steel worldwide and draw inspiration from them.


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