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Tata Steel expects and ensures that all employees as well as partners and contractors follow the same Safety metrics and standards across all operations.

Guided by the principle that - at the core of sustainable mining exists both - the availability of resources and more importantly the welfare and safety of the miners - Tata Steel, since inception has adopted the best mine rescue and welfare procedures at all its mining units.


The Company was the first to introduce Man Riding System in India, ferrying 25 miners at a time in the underground mines, thereby reducing the need for them to walk about 2.5 Kms in Degree-3 gassy mines at gradients of 1 in 7. Besides, Tata Steel took the first Positive Isolation initiative in the world in underground mines for the safety of its miners. The Company also began degassing at its underground mines in FY 2012-13.


Tata Steel understands that safety in underground mining requires special know-how on mine rescue in the event of a possible accident and the stringent measures adopted have resulted in ‘zero fatality’ across all its mines in the last two years.


  • All activities at the Company’s mines are governed by the Mines Act, ensuring that safety measures are in compliance with DGMS norms.
  • Computer based Strata Analysis by in-house experts is used to micro-manage safety conditions in different parts of the collieries.
  • The Tata Steel Safety Excellence Management and Review processes allow mines to proactively assess risks and hazards and control them through multi-level safety action plans. It undertakes detailed analyses of the root causes of unsafe conditions and implements corrective actions to make the workplace safe and healthy.
  • Tata Steel, together with the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR) Dhanbad, carries out research on strengthening of roof and side support in the mines.


Some of the other initiatives in this direction include the following:


  • The Company has introduced free bus service within Jamshedpur Works and Mines to minimise two-wheeler movement of contract workers and consequently ensure Road Safety.
  • The Sukinda Chromite Mines of FAMD and Ore Mines and Quarries (OMq) Division of the Company are SA 8000 compliant.
  • Realising the importance of Community Safety, the Company is working with SAFE organisation and has engaged external consultants to arrange a systematic safety education drive for school children in Jamshedpur and at the different mines and collieries.


Health initiatives at Mines and Collieries

The Mines and Collieries of Tata Steel are provided with the best health care services for employees and their families. There is a network of dispensaries at every colliery, well connected to hospitals with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities. As part of implementation process of OHSAS - 18001 systems, the Company offers special health check-up plans to miners above 40 years of age.