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Tata Steel’s Safety Principles and Occupational Health Policy guide it in ensuring zero harm to people.

Given the nature of steel-manufacturing operations, ensuring safety and health of employee in all its operations has always been a strategic priority for Tata Steel. Every activity in Tata Steel is carried out not only with a cost efficient, quality conscious purpose but also with the highlight always on safe practice. The Group's Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate for FY 2014-2015 was 0.3, an improvement of 40% over last year. Tata Steel’s Safety Principles & Occupational Health Policy, Safety Committees and the outstanding Safety Programme – M/s. DuPont Safety Resources, guide the Company in establishing a safe working environment for all employees as well as contractors.


Safety Excellence Journey

Tata Steel’s relentless focus on the safety of all employees is evident from the launch of an interminable Safety Excellence Journey. The risks and opportunities of improvement are managed and monitored through Safety Excellence Journey Meetings. The programme has been extended at Group companies in India, including JUSCO, ISWP, Dhamra Port Company Limited, TS Alloys, Tata Sponge Limited and TRL Krosaki Refractories Ltd.


Safety Excellence Centre

The Safety Excellence Centre is an initiative by Tata Steel to improve safety and health awareness among its contract employees. The activities of the Centre include Safety Training and Health Screening of contractors’ employees. A Personal Protective Equipment or PPE Corner has been set up in the Centre to constantly promote safety awareness among contractors’ workers. The Centre also offers fresh and healthy meals to staff, faculty and participants at affordable cost through a well-equipped Canteen.


Some of the other initiatives of Tata Steel towards establishing a safety culture include:

  • For sustainability of its operations and reducing Process Hazards by strengthening safety in processes, Tata Steel has implemented Process Safety and Risk Management (PSRM) in high hazardous operations.
  • Nine high-hazard installations have been modelled at Jamshedpur Works for toxic releases and explosions using specially-created 'Phast Risk' software. Tata Steel is the first steel company in India to use this advanced software, which is also in use at the Company's European facilities.
  • Pre Start-up Safety Review (PSSR) system has been instituted for all new facilities after the smooth start-up of the new facilities under the brownfield expansion project.
  • Workplace fatality is addressed separately through the Fatality Risk Control Programme (FRCP), which aims at eliminating potential fatality hazards. Tata Steel, through this Programme has enabled correction of more than 10,000 unsafe conditions and 969 unsafe practices.
  • Tata Steel’s Online Incident Reporting System encourages employees to capture incidents or near-misses, so that their cause could be identified, and suitable preventive and corrective measures taken.
  • The SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) Committee consisting of union and management representatives reviews all aspects of Safety & Environmental Management.
  • Tata Steel’s eight policy-making Joint Committees, seven Divisional Committees and about 40 Area Implementation Committees at the departmental level on Safety & Health have played a phenomenal role in inculcating safe behaviour.
  • To ensure road safety of employees, especially during the large-scale expansion projects, Tata Steel introduced shuttle bus services, surveillance cameras, visibility devices on vehicles and major road infrastructure.


CSR Updates

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Tata Steel organises Health Camp cum Safety Mass Communication meeting on Road Safety


Tata Steel organises Health Camp cum Safety Mass Communication meeting on Road SafetyThe Infrastructure Planning & Development department (IP & D) of Tata Steel organised a Health Camp cum Safety Mass Communication Meeting for the contract workers and supervisors on May 12, 2014 at Steelenium Hall in Jamshedpur. The theme of the programme was Road Safety. This was the first quarterly event of this financial year.


The event was divided into two sessions. In the first session a health camp was organised for the contract workforce in which blood pressure and haemoglobin was examined by doctors of the Tata Main Hospital (TMH). The second session addressed various aspects related to safety.


The welcome address was given by Mr. M. K. Ghosh, Head, IP & D, who spoke about the importance of regular health check-ups to generate awareness among the contract workers.


Tata Steel organises Health Camp cum Safety Mass Communication meeting on Road SafetyMadhulika Sharma, Chief, IP & D, Tata Steel who was the Chief Guest while addressing the gathering emphasised on the importance of health and safety of the contract employees. She further thanked the workers, supervisors and TMH doctors for making the programme a successful event through their participation. She also highlighted the new safety timings of the movement of heavy vehicles and cycles inside Works which were to be followed strictly for everyone’s safety. She urged everybody to cooperate to make this new initiative a success and ensure that Tata Steel Works becomes a safer zone and achieves the zero fatality target.


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