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Marketing Innovations

Assurance, reliability and superior brand experience in every segment have always been the key focus for Tata Steel's brand building endeavours. In addition, the realigned operating strategy takes into account current realities of the marketplace and enhancement of customer satisfaction and relationships with existing clients.

In recent times, the Tata Steel Group has been concentrating on the geographies that are logistically favourable to its plants in Europe and Asia, in response to current realities of the marketplace. Tata Steel has been working to enhance customer satisfaction and relationships with existing clients. As opposed to competitors who split and diversify, Tata Steel is focusing on positive markets by applying its resources to the core business where they are most needed. In order to spread the customer base and maximise leverage from the economic packages, special initiatives were devoted to Government funded projects and the Railways.

The Singapore operations and the Xiamen operations engaged in efforts to align the price-cost cycle to mitigate risks of price fluctuations. A focus area for Tata Steel European operations have been the continuous enhancement of customer support in the automotive market.


Several new initiatives have been undertaken to improve customer service in every market segment.


  • Tata Steel had implemented Vehicle Tracking system (VTS) way back in 2002. In line with the Company‚Äôs endeavour to improve customer service, approx 1600 Global Positioning System (GPS) mounted vehicles have been deployed by transport partners of material movement across the Country. This is the largest implementation of GPS enabled fleet in the steel industry.
  • To bring about improvement in delivery reliability, a billboard has been created and uploaded on CSD webpage to track vehicles on-line, again a first in the Indian Steel industry.
  • Major drive has been taken to reduce service claims through development of desired infrastructure at Hubs/Stock yards and deployment of specialised vehicles.
  • In order to create service differentiation, an auto compliant hub has been developed at Chennai. Fleet of special vehicles has further been augmented to deliver damage free skin panels.
  • Standard operating procedures for receipt, storage, handling and delivery of steel materials at all stock points have been implemented.
  • Tata Steel has created transport parks in Jamshedpur to ease out traffic flow and educate all drivers on safety and health concerns. As a CSR initiative approximately 2000 drivers undergo medical check-up at our facilities every month.
  • The Company expanded its marketing efforts to sectors such as Lifting & Excavation, Railways, Ship building and Defence.
  • "Tata Astrum", the recent addition to the Company's branded portfolio was developed to penetrate the SME market, earlier serviced by opportunistic brokers.