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Homage to the Founder

The best way to predict the future is to create it. #FutureReady

On a warm summer day in the small princely state of Baroda, something happened that changed the course of history forever. JN Tata was born into a Parsi Zoroastrian family on 3rd March 1839. He was a visionary in every sense. While our leaders were fighting for freedom, JN Tata worked towards making India economically independent. His ability to look into the future helped India emerge from the terrible losses it suffered.Today, more than 150 years later, his work and legacy, known as the Tata Group strives everyday to keep the visionary’s dream alive.

JN Tata’s spirit has inspired every employee who works for the Tata Group. The young populace of the organization look up to their founder for inspiration and endeavor everyday to meet his vision for the future of this country. On the eve of JN Tata’s 177th birth anniversary we rounded up our employees and asked them what they thought about the founder and how the company is #futureready

“On this day I feel the need to understand and appreciate the foresightedness of our Founder who had envisioned the importance of people and society. Modern day problems can only be fought by strengthening and empowering our people at all levels and in turns creating a modern collaborative workplace and society” says Prashant Sharma,Manager, Productivity services at Tata (Steel) Tata Steel has always believed in making the most of our resources and providing its employees with a perfect work­life balance. Shreya Ganguly, Manager, HRM services says, “The HR at Tata Steel is becoming more data driven and is being able to make precise projections and take decisions leading to the changes that helps us achieve success.”

Innovation at any stage of the organization has the highest value at Tata steel. Talking about innovation and technology, Rahul Mehta, Manager, HRM, Canteen Services suggests that to be #futureready tata steel needs to invest more on technological interventions to improve productivity and to challenge competitors. Adding to this, Abhishek Mishra, MTT, Raw Material says; “The proper way to honour our founder’s vision would be to face the current challenges with ‘Boldness’ and ‘Innovation’.”