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"We do not claim to be more unselfish, more generous or more philanthropic than others, but we think, we started on sound and straightforward business principles considering the interest of the shareholders, our own health and welfare of our employees... the sure foundation of our prosperity" – J.N. Tata

The Tata Code of Conduct


The values and principles, which have Governed Tata Steel’s business for a century, have been deployed through the implementation of the Tata Code of Conduct ( TCOC, often referred to as the 'Code' ), which was first formally articulated in 1998. This was intended to serve as a guide to each employee on the values, ethics and business principles expected of him or her in personal and professional conduct.

The TCOC is a testament to Tata Steel’s determination to help its employees in every way to understand their duties and commitments towards shared values and principles. The comprehensive document serves as the ethical roadmap for Tata employees and Group companies.


In the context of Tata Steel’s increasing global presence the Tata Code of Conduct has been reviewed to accommodate required and appropriate modifications. This has ensured that diverse cultural and business related issues are addressed universally across the Group. The Tata Code of Conduct was launched in Tata Steel (Thailand), Tata Steel Singapore in July 2007 and in Tata Steel Europe in January 2009.



The month of July is celebrated as ‘Ethics Month’ in Tata Steel every year, with numerous programmes and activities across locations.


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