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Tata Steel has always remained steadfast on the ethos of value creation for all stakeholders, which for the Company has timeless relevance.

Tata Steel’s Vision strikes a balance between economic value as well as ecological and societal value by aspiring to be "a Global Benchmark in Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship". It guides the Company in its race to excel in all areas of sustainability.


In the initial years, Tata Steel's CSR interventions were more as a 'provider' to society where the community was given support for its overall needs, both for sustenance and development. Gradually, the shift in approach led to Tata Steel being an 'enabler' focusing on building community capacity through training programmes; focusing on providing technical support rather than giving aid. At present, CSR interventions of Tata Steel focus on 'sustainable development' to enhance the quality of life of people.


The Company supports and propagates the principles of the United Nations Global Compact as a Founder Member, is a signatory to the Worldsteel Sustainability Charter and supports the Affirmative Action programme of the Confederation of Indian Industry.

Tata Steel’s approach to business has evolved from the concept that the wealth created must be continuously returned to society. The responsibility of combining the three elements of society - social, environmental, and economic - is of utmost importance to the way of life at Tata Steel. Today, Tata Steel’s CSR activities in India encompass the Company’s Steel Works, Iron ore mines and collieries, reaching out to the city of Jamshedpur, its peri-urban areas and over 800 villages in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh. Community involvement is a characteristic of all Tata Steel Group companies around the world. It can take the form of financial support, provision of materials and the involvement of time, skills and enthusiasm of employees. The Group contributes to a very wide range of social, cultural, educational, sporting, charitable and emergency assistance programmes.


The Company works in partnership with the Government, national and international development organisations, local NGOs and the community to ensure sustainable development. The Corporate Services Division delivers these responsibilities through several institutionalised bodies:


Tata Steel Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS)
    • Tribal Cultural Society (TCS)
    • Tata Steel Family Initiatives Foundation (TSFIF)
    • Tata Steel Skill Development Society (TSSDS)
    • Education
  • Medical Services
  • Urban Services
  • Sports Department
  • Tata Steel Adventure Foundation
  • Other societies like Ardeshir Dalal Memorial Hospital, Blood Banks, Kanti Lal Gandhi Memorial Hospital etc.)
  • Tata Relief Committee


To assess the effectiveness of its social initiatives Tata Steel has innovatively devised a Human Development Index (HDI). In 2012-13, HDI assessment was completed for 230 villages. The Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory Council was also created with the objective that this apex body along with the results of the measurement of HDI will enable the Group to direct its social initiatives better and allocate resources more efficiently.