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Tata Steel understands that the pre-requisite for economic and social development in any region is the availability of adequate infrastructure facilities. The Company through necessary measures to ensure all conveniences in its areas of operation and in the lives of extended communities.

The availability of all-weather motorable roads, electricity, clean water, a proper system of drainage, halls and spaces for community gatherings and recreation - all of these contribute to building the foundation of a strong and stable society.


  • Rural tribal locations in Odisha like Joda, Sukinda, Bamnipal and Belpahar can boast of having some of the most modern townships in India with amenities like clubs, schools, marketing complexes, co-operative stores and co-operative credit societies. Sports and recreational activities in these regions too have been provided for with adequate facilities.
  • Apart from developmental work undertaken by TSRDS exclusively in Joda and the surrounding villages spread over  15 Kms radius from the mines, Tata Steel has taken up many other infrastructure projects in the region as well. These projects are aimed at bringing a balanced development at local as well as state level and the positive impact is clearly visible in the surroundings.
  • For the last 3 years Noamundi Iron Mine is installing solar lights in roads, public places, in its residential colony and spreading its wing of solar power towards the nearby villages too. Now seven villages under Noamundi block have been covered under this use of alternate source of energy scheme.
  • An extended pocket of lush green in the heart of mining country, Tata Steel's township in West Bokaro is a model of what social investment in the community can achieve. Here, construction of 8767 meters roads (PCC, Kuchta, Bitumen) has been carried out along with the construction of 1435 meters drainage systems. Initiatives are also in place to support electrification in rural areas.


Some specific endeavours in mining areas:

  • Improving drainage - Construction of drains in the Bichakundi village of Joda municipality near Joda West Iron Mines, thereby improving the drainage system in surrounding villages and communication on the main road.
  • Rebuilding bridges - Tata Steel rebuilt a collapsed bridge on river Sona connecting the Lohanda and Mutunda village in Joda area.
  • Improving connectivity - The 18 km Ransal-Joda-Bamberi road built by Tata Steel has made access to NH 215 easier and is an important road in the Keonjhar district.
  • The Centenary Park - Developed on wasteland, the Centenary Park was dedicated by Tata Steel to the people of Joda on the occasion of its centenary in 2007.
  • Improving electricity supply - A transformer has been provided by Tata Steel to supply electricity in Chigudiapal, Kakudia and Ashokjhar villages in the Sukinda Block and Bichakundi village in Joda municipal area. A substation for electricity was set up at Chingudiapal so that villagers can work beyond sunset.
  • Solar lights - 1800 solar street lights have been installed covering villages in operational areas of Jharkhand and Odisha.