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Improvement in environment performance is Tata Steel’s corporate goal and protection of the environment is an integral way of doing business for the Company.

The Company believes that respect for the environment is critical to the success of its business and strives for continuous improvement in environmental performance. Over the years, Tata Steel has been proactively investing in initiatives that nurture the environment. Its approach to Environment Management is guided by Tata Code of Conduct, Tata Climate Change Policy, Tata Steel’s Vision, Tata Steel’s Sustainability Policy - enunciated in 2012-13, Environmental Policy and the UN Global Compact Principles.


To achieve benchmark levels in operational excellence, Tata Steel has undertaken implementation of Environment Management Systems at all key sites involved in mining and manufacturing. These sites are also certified under EMS ISO 14001, the international environmental management standard. Regular audits and reviews ensure that continual improvement is achieved and wherever required, corrective actions are taken. The Company focuses on environment management not only to comply with the applicable regulatory regime but also to contribute positively to the communities around its operations through varied community initiatives, encouraging biodiversity and nature conservation.


Tata Steel’s operations function on the basis of predetermined Environment Management Plan (EMP) to comply with the environment protection regulations, to ensure that adverse impacts on the environment are minimised and to fulfill the corporate social responsibility for environment protection.


A frontrunner in using advanced technologies, Tata Steel, in addition to its carbon accounting system (MoniCA) for monitoring and benchmarking CO2 emission performance, also has an IT platform for a centralised environmental database. This was launched in 2012-13.


As a part of its various governance mechanisms, Tata Steel also has an Environment Management Committee that monitors and assesses environmental risks. The Committee also seeks questionnaire- based feedback from stakeholders on concerns, expectations and priorities. Tata Steel is also an active member of various industry associations with an international and nationwide presence.


Some of these committees and associations include -

  • Worldsteel’s Water Footprint Network (WFN)
  • Technology & Environment Committee (TECO)
  • Climate Change Policy Group
  • Data Collection Task Force
  • Expert Group on Sectoral Approach for Climate Change
  • Sustainability Committee (SUSCO)
  • Sustainability Reporting Expert Group (SREG)


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