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Workplace volunteerism is a part of the culture at Tata Steel and volunteering is imperative in skill development and the cultivating of value systems.

Tata Steel’s philosophy of contributing to society is shared by employees across its operations and many individuals willingly choose to contribute their time and efforts to help strengthen the local communities and improve surroundings. This tradition is part of the Tata group ethos and it has even been institutionalised under the aegis of the Tata Council for Community Initiatives (TCCI) (now a part of the Tata Sustainability Group), which encourages and guides Tata companies in their volunteering endeavours. It also finds a place in the Tata Code of Conduct, the set of guidelines that define the value systems on which the Tata group of companies has been built.


Many employees assist in Tata Relief Committee’s disaster management programmes and the Company is also developing a volunteering programme for its people. Be it a natural disaster, an immunisation drive or Aids awareness camps, employee-volunteers at Tata Steel have always willingly lent a helping hand. The Company allows them flexibility to take time off from office for community or disaster relief work.


Tata Steel's approach is also structured, with the establishment of joint departmental councils that plan community development activities. The company has a matrix that explains the profiles of volunteers, developed to match their skills with corresponding activities. Tata Steel maintains a formal register of volunteers listing their interests, skills and expertise, and the number of hours they have spent on social development work.


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